The Chair Project

Found these two cute chairs at GoodWill for $17 each.  Decide to just spray
paint instead of painting with a paint brush. Quick and easy peasy!!!
Then bought a drop cloth from Home Depot and covered the seats, and
used braid to cover staples.

This is how the chairs looked before. I had removed
the ugly black vinyl chair seat cover.

After spraying the chairs with a creamy white
paint, I added just a bit more batting to the
seats, and began covering the seats with
the drop cloth using a staple gun.

I used an exacto - knife to trim the
access cloth. Using a decorative
braid from Fabric and Fringe, I glued
the trim to cover the staples. Tacky
glue works best.

How do they look? I hope this will
encourage you to try something
new from something old. When
I am junking...I am always "thinking"
what else could I use that for, and
would it look better painted.
 The chairs look plain, but when
I finish with the room, they will
be just right!

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